My Brown Leather Bag

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Brown Leather Bag
Brown Leather Bag

 My object is a brown leather bag and it was made in Choriner Strabe, Germany. That is where my father's oldest sister is living currently. She bought this leather bag on October 27, 2017, at the German boutique, and she gives it to me as my birthday gift when I was turning fifteen years old. When she went to buy her African suit to wear on a friend's wedding day. Because that was what she chooses for them to wear on that day. The bag has a brown color with a fish design, and it has a cross rope to wear with it. Besides that this leather bag is important to me because it makes me feel happy whenever I wear it with my favorite outfit. It can really make me nice than ever before. My oldest brother saw it, he said he likes it but I couldn’t give it to him, because I like it too. Then he does so he decided to buy his own bag, but it wasn’t the same as mine. So whenever I'm wearing my bag, he wants to wear his with me so we can be matched together. Many people saw that. So they look at both of us like twins because of us wearing the same kind of structure bag and the same kind of outfit. But we are not twins, we are just brothers. So we were doing things like a brother. Now I am not with him but, I am hoping to go back after my high school graduation. So we can have fun more than before.  Besides that, I am also planning for him to come over one day.

Place(s): Liberia
Year: 2018

– Emmanuel

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant