My Bracelets

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All black good luck bracelets.
All black good luck bracelets.

The Cape Verdean people, a very beautiful and prosperous group, reside on the West coast of Africa. The Cape Verdean language, Cape Verdean Creole, is basically broken Portuguese and due to this our language isn't set in stone. We may seem different in our circumstances, but my family is actually very similar to other immigrant families in regards to their reason for coming to the U.S; in search of a better life.   To make sure we wouldn’t forget our roots once we had been established in America, we remind ourselves where we come from through the objects, language, and traditions of our people. The objects most special to me are my bracelets. They are on my wrists at all times, and by simply looking down, I am reminded of who I am. These bracelets give me power, they serve as an indication to keep moving forward. My all black bracelets serve as protection and good luck. My bracelet with my name symbolizes who I am. It gives me a sense of identity and pushes me to embrace my culture. From the way it’s handwoven, to the Cape Verdean beads used to spell my name, each and every part means something to me. My bracelets serve not only as a link to my past, but weaves a path towards my future.

Place(s): Cape Verde

– Katio Barbosa

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