Peanut Necklace

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Peanut Necklace
Peanut Necklace

My name is Salif, I’m from Burkina Faso, a Sahelian country of West Africa. I was born in Ivory Coast, a country on the coast of West Africa. I’m going to tell you about two traditional items from my country that I keep with me. The first one is a traditional peanut necklace from my village. In my country, peanuts are a symbol of my ethnicity because of the popularity of the food in my area. I cannot eat many peanuts because they do not agree with me. My brother gave me the necklace because he didn't want to me forget my origins. The second one is a shirt made with traditional fabric. It was given to me by my best friend and is from another region. I display both of the items in my living room so I can see them every day. The peanut necklace reminds me of all of the time I have spent with my brother and our long talks over the phone. I have been living in Pittsfield for almost 2 years and my first goal here is to improve my English and go to college. 

Place(s): West Africa, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso.
Year: 2016

– Salif

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant