My Bait

This object is a house from village in the country of Yemen. Yemen is a country that makes up the Middle East. The house is called a Bait (Ba-et). A bait is a house in Qatar (Kha-ta). This is what most homes look like. Almost everybody in Qatar has this house. I think this house is made out of brick and stone. The house has tall glass windows. The house itself is tall and located in the mountainous region. My town is called Aden. I choose this object because my dad gave it to me when I was one years old. It teaches me about my culture because it’s from my village. I never been to my village, but hope to go one day. This house showed me how it looks like. It also shows me what the homes of people looks like. If my father had not taken the risk to come to America my whole family would still be living in my village of Aden. When I was one years old my father he came back with replica of the house and my grandma. He went to get his mother from Yemen so she could live in America too. My grandma loves to tell us stories about growing up Aden. My father also loves to talk about when he was a little boy in Aden.

Year: 1990

– Reem

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