Jamaican Flag

My object is the Jamaican Flag. I chose this object because it symbolizes half of me. What I mean is I come from Jamaica from one side of the family. This side is very important because of my favorite Grandma who is from Jamaica. The other reason for picking the flag is because it was my Grandma’s favorite object. This was true until the time she passed away. In my country, which is an island, this flag is used during celebrations, especially when the birth of the Jamaican nation is celebrated each year. My Grandma always carried a glad that she got from Jamaica in 1962. The flag symbolizes the past achievements and gives Jamaicans, especially my Grandma when she was alive a sense of belonging. It also provides inspiration that drives the people to live a happy life. The flag is proudly flown during special occasions show pride in our nationality. My Grandma used to use the flag every time she went to Church. The name of the church she went is called “New Life.” The name itself symbolizes new beginnings, and gives voice to the children who live in the neighborhood as well as their families.As you can tell, my Grandma was a very proud Jamaican. When she came to America she lived a good life, but she never forgot her family, friends and the customs she followed in Jamaica. She did her best to cook Jamaican food especially during holidays and kept the flag close to her.

Year: 2012

– Nehemiah

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant