music,food and the coin

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Curry roti
Curry roti

 We all have things that are very dear to us. For some it may be hard to see because we take it for granted but for me, at this point of my life I try to soak in the good moments because you will miss them when they are not there anymore. One item I appreciate is a special coin because of the way it was made and also since my grandfather gave it to me before he got ill so I keep it with me at all times to keep him in mind because he has done alot for me. Food brings us together, we have fun while cooking and eating together. We love trying new foods and also going by family and friends to eat, drink and have fun. I feel like food everywhere is significant and brings joy to everyone.The music is something special and when combined with the weather no matter rain or shine, once there are people there is always a good time which is why Trinidad has one of the best carnivals in the entire world.

Place(s): Trinidad

– Tyriel

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