Relationship: Im/migrant
App where I store my favortie music
App where I store my favortie music

The object I chose is music. Music is something you listen to and enjoy during any time. It helps with emotions depending on how you’re feeling. It came from humans 30,000-60,000 years ago. They would use objects or vocals to create music. I learned about music myself. I hear it through parties, outside, or on tv. You can listen at events or any normal day.  When I play music, I feel like I’m in my own world and not one can bother me. When I’m going through bad times or just want to be alone, I just put on music, and I can’t hear nobody else. It helps me escape from the world and be in my own place. I don't listen music just for the pleasure of it, I listen to it because of the meaning of the songs based on how I am feeling. When I listen to certain music, it brings me back to memories that I don't want to forget (some good and some bad). Certain songs brings certain memories based on the type of song it is.. It connects to my family because music is a big part of our culture. In Ghana, we use music to make stories. People come together to tell stories at parades and parties. This is why I like to listen to music, because it makes me feel a certain way that nothing else can 

Year: 2000

– Lance Osei

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant