The story starts in 1978 and there is a little girl named Priscilla who received a bright and fluffy bear for Christmas from her parents and named him, Muffin. The newborn daughter picked up the bear and immediately loved him, even if he was a ragged, old looking bear. He smelt of home and that was when the mother saw it was time to pass down the bear she use to love to her first daughter who needed it more than she ever would from now as an adult. Throughout the years as the first daughter became older and had two more sisters, Muffin became her best friend and protector from all the monsters that hid in her closet, in the dark, under her bed, or in her dreams. In 2014, the family lost a special cousin, the first grandchild of the family, to an enlarged heart and it was an unexpected and tragic event in their lives. In 2016, the father of the family passed away unexpectedly, cause is unknown, but most can assume it was a heart attack. The world shattered for the first daughter and her family, her heart broke into more pieces that she didn't know was possible. She lied there on her bed, tears always falling down her face, holding in the cries and just wishing her life could end so there would be no more loss and loneliness. As her tears fell down and the hiccups of cries kept being held in, she picked up Muffin and squeezed him tightly and let out every pain she felt from her heart and finally, fell asleep. 

– Olivia

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant