Mother & Father

Relationship: Im/migrant
Hard Work & Sacrifice Lead To Something.
Hard Work & Sacrifice Lead To Something.

The picture shows my mom Isolda and my dad Jorge in which I am truly grateful in having them as my parents. My mom was 20 years old born in 1980 and my dad was 24 years old and was born in 1976. At the age of 20 in the year 2000 my mother had found out that she was pregnant with me inside of her belly, and like many women in the world, she was scared. Not for her, but for the life of her baby. A week later they both had two options... one which was to take the risk in going to Los Angeles to have me born there and having a chance for a better life. And the next option was to stay in Mexico and suffer the way that they suffered. Without hesitation my mom chose to take the risk in getting to Los Angeles with not much. On February 26, 2001 they have arrived where some of my dad's family members were waiting for them to arrive. A few months pass and I was born on August of 2001; but with a baby in the picture, there was a lot of things to do. With that being said, my mom was unable to work for she had to take care of me, and my father had two jobs; one in the morning and one in the day time and one at night. Which put him in the position where he only would have a few hours of sleep. After a year or two my grandma came for a visit from Mexico to take me under her wing! Which helped my mom to go find a job and get the extra money that can help us in the future. A few years pass and we finally had the money to get our own house and for that I am truly grateful!

Place(s): Mexico,California
Year: 2000

– George Rosales

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant