Moroccan and Amazigh fags

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Moroccan Flag
Moroccan Flag

My name is Jalila Barouk and  These are the flags of my country and tribe. The first one is the flag of Morocco, and the second one is the flag of the Amazigh Tribe also known as the Berbers. The Moroccan flag represents the people and their kingdom. The red is just a traditionol color, and the green star in the middle represents islam. The other amazigh flag is yellow, blue, and green the blue is for the medateranian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. the green is for the nature and the mountains, and the yellow is  for the sand in the sahara desert. The symbol in the middle is called the “yas” it symbolizes the free man because the amazigh people are free people who rome. As Aiya says in the interview “there are two different cultural groups that have developed in the north and in the south so ther has been a lot of conflict between the northerners and the southerners with the conversation of who gets to Claim the flags both Berber and of the Moroccan Kingdom. That is a debate that is still happening to this day” so there is still some conflict on who represents the flags. although The people of Morocco are very kind and loving especially toward family as Aiya also says in the interview, “the people are extremely kind and hospitable” in conclusion, this is my family and my culture and will always be.  I am Proud to call myself and Moroccan and amazigh! 

Place(s): Morocco

– JB

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant