Moi Moi

Moi-Moi is a great dish accessory in Nigeria. It is commonly seen accompanying jellof rice, fried rice, fried plantain, custard, etc. It can be eaten alone as a snack with salad and soft drink to wash it down. Due to it’s popularity, moi-moi is often served at parties and other special occasions. Moi-moi is one food Nigerians look forward to eat at the parties and any big occasion irrespective of the tribe. My family’s migration to the United States of America affected the way I make moi-moi from the way it was prepared back home. There are some certain ingredients we used back home that I cannot get here which adds better taste to the moi-moi like UMA leaves; we can only get this from my country. Secondly, native brown beans tastes better than what we have here. Migrating to America made it very difficult to get our local beans. When using our native beans, processing seems to be faster and easier. When I was back in my country moi-moi was prepared every weekend. The family would look forward to eating the recipe every weekend and the preparation must be made during the week to put all the recipes together as the leaves come from the bush by the riverside. Preparation involves a lot of helping hands and we don’t get that here. There is division of labor to get things ready. In America we don’t prepare moi-moi often because it is so time consuming. In America we eat fast food due to our busy schedule; we eat the easiest and cheapest food to accommodate it.

Year: 2010

– Gloria Egbo

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