Mishumaa Saba


These are the mishumaa saba the seven candles and they represent the seven principles. The black candle represents the first principle Umoja unity and is placed in the center of the kinara. The red candles represent the principles of Kujichagulia self-determination, Ujamaa cooperative economics and Kuumba creativity and are placed to the left of the black candle. The green candles represent the principles of Ujima collective work and responsibility, Nia purpose and Imani faith and are placed to the right of the black candle.The black candle is lit first on the first day of the celebration. And the remaining candles are lit afterwards from left to right on the following days. This procedure is to indicate that the people come first, then the struggle and then the hope that comes from the struggle. When it was 2015 me and my family started Kwanzaa. I was started it was weird because I haven’t done it before so it was weird but I enjoyed it, it was fun and everything we had seven days of presents and we drank out of this weird cup everyday of kwanzaa and we also lit a candle every day. The last day when I got home my whole family like my cousin my aunties uncles everybody was there we had a huge party and at the end we drank out of the cup and all the grown up gave the kids presents and then we said thank you and every one left I was happy that day it was fun i would do it with my kids if i get the chance. 

– Xavier Hackney

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