Middle Name

Mt. Hood and my middle name.
Mt. Hood and my middle name.

     My grandfather’s name is James Wallace Barnhart, my father’s name is Daniel James Barnhart, and my name is Orrin James Barnhart. My middle name is from my grandfather's name. I’ve always loved my middle name because it was the same as my dad’s. When I found out that it came from my grandfather it made it even more special. My grandfather even though he lived far away would come out for special moments in my life. He came to some school plays where I had an important role, he came out for my baptism, and many other special moments. 
     My grandfather was born in 1940 in Everett, Washington. He then had my father in Portland, Oregon 1973 where he lived for 10 years. He tells me and my 3 sisters all of these stories of how beautiful Oregon is. They used to go camping in a blue 1968 Volkswagen bus camper. Their favorite place to go camping was at Mt. Hood so when I created this image I put Mt. Hood in the background. After years of hearing these stories, our dad took our family on a road trip when I was about 9 or 10 out to Oregon. We got to go to Mt. Hood and go hiking around the lake. The woods had these giant trees that we played tag throughout. 
      I’m immensely grateful for my grandfather and the way he raised my father to be an incredible man. He’s taught some essential lessons that my dad has now taught me, and I plan to teach my son one day. I know because of the sacrifices they’ve made for me I can become whatever I want to be. I love my middle name and plan to pass my middle name down to my son. 

Place(s): Portland, Oregon

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