Mickey mouse plushie

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mickey mouse plushie
mickey mouse plushie

I was in a grey car on a long straight road with nothing but flat land for miles when my parents gave me a box and told me to open it.  I was very curious and confused, so I did and I pulled out Disney socks and necklaces., I put all the puzzle pieces together like the long drive the packed bags and the box with Disney apparel "WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND" I said with an excited voice. My mom and dad both laughing with glee made the rest of the 8-hour drive was ecstatic for me. I just wanted to be there right then., Soon enough we did make it there, but I didn't know my parents had one more surprise for me; they took a turn on the Disney road and I was once again confused. I had been to Disneyland many times before and didn't recognize this road. I looked to my left and saw the road led to the Disneyland hotel; now I was excited beyond measure "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" my mom and dad said in sync. We parked at the front of the hotel, I grabbed as many bags as my little hands could hold, and rushed into the newly done hotel, My parents walked inside and checked in as I waited at the elevator. I saw my mom and dad walking over to me ready to take the elevator up to our room. We got off on our floor,  went to the room, and on our door was a birthday sign from the mouse himself., I was jumping with excitement as we walked in the room and there were balloons, a mickey plush on the bed, and gift boxes wrapped in Disney paper waiting on the table. In,  my head I could tell this was going to be a good birthday. The trip was great and my memories even greater. 

Place(s): Disneyland

– Kiana Kaialoa

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