Mexican Loteria

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This is a Mexican board game, called Loteria. It's sort of like bingo just with different figures. This game brings a lot of joy to my family. My parents migrated to the United States for many reasons. They were young, my mom was here alone without her parents for a few years and my dad was here alone without his parents but brother and sisters. Life was hard and difficult just like trying to get use to new people and a new life. They had to make decisions on their own and go out looking for jobs and not trying to get rejected by people just because of their immigration status. They grew together economically that now my parents have their own family business. Yes, it's good having a business but there's also many down sides. It's not easy owning a business it also brings a lot of headaches and trouble. When we gather in family including my aunt's, uncle's and cousins we play Loteria. It's a family tradition to play it and also helps my parents a lot to get distracted and have a little fun not remembering about the headaches due to the business, also still to this day my parents haven't gone back to Mexico for about 20 years. To us this board game isn't just any card board game it’s something meaningful that helps us be happy and not let anything brings us down. 

– Laritzenia V

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant