Blu Bird

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This object is a stuffed animal blue footed booby. I have named it Blu. It is made out of fluffy things and some plastic. It has blue feet hence the name. It also has black wings. It’s neck is white along with most of its other feathers. His eyes are blue with black pupils. It has a short tail. He also have very long blue beak.   
This is from Ecuador and was given to me by to my parents. They gave this to me on our trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. On this trip we stayed on a boat and traveled to different islands. We hiked, snorkeled, and jumped off the boat. It was a lot of fun. We saw lots of wildlife (including lots of blue footed boobies), and met wonderful new people. All in all it was a great experience. When I travel I always want a souvenir, but this one is special. When I got this I started taking it with me wherever I travel whether if it was just a sleepover or traveling outside the state. This is something that will remind me of this trip and will comfort me when I feel down.
 This object is represents a big part of our family which is to travel. Traveling is something my family and I are fortunate enough to do a lot. This souvenir represents one of the biggest and most wonderful trips we have had. This represents me because it is different just like me and everyone else. 

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant