Mexican flag

Green, white, red, Eagle on a cactus
Green, white, red, Eagle on a cactus

The Mexican flag means a lot to many families, but for my family it helps to tell and remind our story of how my mother and some of her siblings came to America. The flag has 3 vertical lines that are green, white, and red with an eagle on top of a cactus eating a snake in the middle. The flag is hung up and with us when we celebrate Christmas, 3 kings day, and the Day of the Dead. When my mom came to America with my aunt and uncle it was hard for them. They came to America hoping to start a better life. My mother always talks about how she misses how the weather was or her family. Her relationship with her brother and sister became closer since they only had each other. The hardest part for her and her siblings was learning how to speak English. “The Mexican flag shows respect to my country and family.” The flag reminds all of us of the family we have back in Mexico. “I’m not afraid of going back but I’m more comfortable here. I wouldn’t move back but I always visit.” It doesn’t just mean something to my mom but also to my dad. The flag for my dad always reminds him about the person he chose to marry and how her family became his. Overall, my mother and family are very proud of where they came from.

Place(s): Mexico, America

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