Met Life Insurance Award

Max's Metropolitan Life Award
Max's Metropolitan Life Award

My great grandparents all came from Austria. In 1893 Max Kline came to American from Austria and in 1895 Florence arrived. They had 8 children. Sigmund and Molly Menschel, married in 1869 in Austria and came to America in 1892. They had four children. Max Menschel and Anna Kline got married in 1902. When they first married they lived in Far Rockaway and then moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan with their three daughters. Max began working at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in 1906 and stayed for over 40 years. He was the first Jewish employee at the company to have his own district in NYC. Anna began a Jewish orphanage in Far Rockaway that she ran for many years. They were warm and loving. I remember Anna had a neighbor who had troubles and she invited her to stay in their home. Max and Anna always had Passover Seder for all of the family. They would always include people who were alone or in need of place to be. Its amazing that over a century later my cousin Jane and I have carried on the Menschel family Seder. It is now over 60 people – we gather together, eat the same food, tell the same stories, and always look through photos from past Seders. The Menschel Family Seder is opened every year with the reading of a telegram my late brother wrote when he was in London and could not be at the Seder. He wrote, “Even when we are not all together, it’s good to know somewhere there is a Menschel Seder happening and we all have a little of Max and Anna in us.”

Place(s): Austria
Year: 1892

– Bonnie Chajet

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant