The Classroom

This classroom represents my parent's difficult journey from Mexico to the United States in search for a better future. My Dad is from Guadalajara and my Mother is from Durango they both met in the United States in the city of South Gate with the same dream to live a better life. The first step to the better future is through the language, so my parents went to an adult school to learn English. They eventually met in class because the teacher assigned school partners to test each other on English. Slowly the majority of the students left the class because they gave up on wanting to learn English, but my mom and dad stayed because of their covenant of a better future. After a year of taking the class they passed. Both my mom and dad were sad that English classes were over because of the comfort that they had of seeing each other. So they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend and created my sister then eventually me. My parents now work very hard to support me and my sister, without their motivation and past experiences in Mexico they wouldn't be where they are now. Slowly but consistently our family of four is moving up to success with my sister entering her third year of college and me becoming a junior. I thank my parents for not only giving us what they could, but for pushing my sister and I to take advantage of the opportunity they didn't have. The classroom is a reminder of how far my parents have come to provide me with a better future. Amen.

Year: 1992

– David Ruiz

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