^my menorah
^my menorah

Pictured above is a menorah. This menorah is used on Hanukkah every year to light a candle each of the 8 nights. It has been passed down in my family on my dad’s side and it was the menorah his family used growing up every Hanukkah. My family is not exactly sure who originally owned the menorah and what year it was given to us but we are guessing it comes from someone in our family who is no longer alive, so it goes way back. It is made out of metal and it includes the design of a Jewish star. As you can tell by the looks of it, it is most definitely an old object. Although, it works perfectly every year and we store it in the same cabinet so it can easily be found when Hanukkah rolls around. It is important to my family and represents us in the way that it symbolizes our Jewish religion, represents some of the Jewish holidays we observe, and reminds us of our ancestors. 

Place(s): Glencoe, IL (my dad grew up there)

– LR

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