Hamsa Hand

This object is referred to as the “Hamsa” hand. It is often known and used for art and decoration in the U.S; while in some religions the Hamsa has significant meaning. In the Muslim community, which I am a believer of; this symbol in the Arabic language is referred to as the “Khamsa” meaning five and it is known to be the hand of prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima. This Hamsa hand hangs in my living room just above the fireplace and has been a part of my family and tradition for a long time. The Hamsa hand is kept in a glass frame therefore it can be protected from damaging. When my family and I migrated to the states in 1996 from the country of Oman, it has always been in the heart of my family’s home regardless of the countless times we have moved homes. This symbol is a pull factor for Muslims because we believe it will provide safety, bring opportunity and bring good health to those who trust in the Khamsa. In relation to the people of India, who believe it is more of a push factor because they believe that anywhere the Hamsa is seen, then that is where evil will present itself. Some of the push factors that Hindus believe in consist of jealousy, hatred, sexual desires, or even bad thoughts to a mind of a human. Especially of a child who’s mind is very innocent and therefor the evil will present itself where it knows it can overrun an innocent mind. The special symbol of the Khamsa is kept very close to us. It provides us with comfort in believing in the hand of the prophet Muhammad’s daughter.   



Place(s): oman. India
Year: 1996

– Syed Imam

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child