Saint Teresa of Avila

My great grandfather emigrated from Spain in 1914. He left his home and family in Galicia, Spain to find a better life in New York City. Once he arrived his sister, who was training to become a nun in Spain sent him a statue of Saint Teresa of Avila. This saint was a Spanish mystic and holds particular importance for the people of Spain. My great grandfather’s sister was concerned for his safety and wanted him to have the protection and guidance of God as he made a life in a new, strange world. This statue has been passed down from generation to generation and now belongs to my mother. It is a constant reminder of the faith of my family and the religious traditions that we come from. Also, whenever I see the statute I think of my great grandfather’s journey to America and his bravery in leaving everything he knew and loved behind in order to make a better life for himself. I am eternally grateful for his choice, for without it I would not be fortunate enough to be living the life I am today.  

Year: 1914

– Nicolette Guida

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