Memories - A Tribute

My object is my great-great grandparents’ knowledge and memories. They emigrated from Odessa, Russia, to the U.S.A . They were in a rush to leave so they couldn't take anything with them when they immigrated. They suffered from poverty which was one of the reasons they immigrated when they came to the US. When they got here they got a job and bought a small apartment. My great-great grandpa bought a big bar of soap and cut it into small pieces and sold them for a living. My great-great grandma was a baker so she made things and sold the things she baked. The reason they left Russia is because the Czar, Arthur III, hated the Jews. And, just as luck would have it, my great-great grandparents were Jewish. So they had to leave Odessa, Russia as quickly as possible. If they didn’t leave Russia, the Czar (the king of Russia) would have tried to harm them.So I think they were happy to move to U.S.A. My great-great grandparents moved to this country in the early 1800s. They took a crowded boat that was full of people (mostly Jews) who were leaving Odessa, Russia for the same reason as my great-great grandparents did. As you can see, all that my great-great grandparents brought with them was their knowledge and their memories of Russia when they immigrated. As a result, my father continues to work hard and stays determined to succeed in his own life in America.

Year: 1800

– Fritz

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more