Mee Wo Chong Store

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Photo credit: Seaver Center for Western History Research, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

The image shows a group of Chinese men exiting the Mee Wo Chong store at 802 Juan Street, in Old Chinatown, Los Angeles.  Above the store was a temple.  These men might have been on their way to participate in the La Fiesta de Los Angeles parade of May, 1901.  The photographer is attributed to Frank Layton Washburn, who worked for the Los Angeles Lighting Company.  The Chinese residents often shielded their faces from being photographed, although this does not seem to concern the man in the right foreground.  Wearing a light straw boater hat and western style clothing, the camera clearly captured his facial expression of weariness and caution. 

Place(s): Los Angeles, CA

– Betty L. Uyeda, Seaver Center for Western History Research, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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