My object is a matryoshka, also known as a Russian nesting doll.
My object is a matryoshka, also known as a Russian nesting doll.

 My object is a Russian Nesting Doll, or as it’s called in Russian, a Matryoshka. It was first made in 1890 by two Russian folk artists from Moscow. Their names were Sergey Malyutin and Vasily Zvyozdochka. The Matryoshka is made of wood and mostly, for good luck, come in seven different forms that fit into each other.  The Matryoshka ia a symbol of woman power. It shows a grandma, the center of the family, dressed from the top of her head to the very bottom. This represents the cold weather of russia. The Matryoshka also shows relationship, family, and memory. This object is very important to me because on every New Years Eve we get gifts from family. I aways to my family that I wanted a Russian Nesting Doll, but no one ever listened to me. Then, 3 years ago, on New Year Eve my grandma gave me the doll. I was so happy that one person and family understand what it meant to me. No tat my grandma went away, the doll is one of very few things sh left of me. I remember the through the doll and always have some kind of good memory from it.  This doll shows woman power and how important family is. That is why this doll is so important to my family. This doll represents our culture and our beliefs. We honor our religion and value you memis and traditions.

Place(s): Russia

– Olga Tsigelman

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