Mat ( Shitalpati)

How does a handmade things make you feel that was made by your grandma? It's a valuable thing and it's just a feeling and no one can't describe it in words. I lived with my parents, siblings and grandma in Bangladesh from the date I was born. I never separated from my grandma for a moment. She used to make a lot of necessary things. But, I liked her handmade mat which is known as "Shitalpati" in my country. The word "Shital" means cold and "pati" means mat. It is called so because whenever anyone lies down on it, he or she feels cold and relax. I am a new immigrant .I came to U.S.A. on september 2016. After 2 days of coming U.S.A., my lovely grandma died. I also bring a "Shitalpati" from my country which was made by my grandma. My grandma made this by using fiber and criss-crossing it.The fiber have to be in color before and then she made flower and house and many design on it.Her every design represents something in her life. When it is ready, you can use it like a bad-sheet over the bed and it is very comfortable to sleep on it. "Shitalpati" is a famous things in my country. It takes a lot time to make. The "Shitalpati" that I bring here always remember me her presence, her touch,her feeling. It is very precious to me as it is the last gifted thing from my grandma. I will remember my grandma and her handmade mat forever.

Year: 2016

– Kazi Zazbatun Nur

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