Mariachi hat

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Mariachi Hat
Mariachi Hat

About The Mariachi HatThis is a Mariachi Hat ,it’s from Mexico.It’s mostly used by mariachi’s.A Mariachi is a type of Musician who mostly perform in groups of 6 with 2 people using a trumpet and 2 Violins and guitar with one person singing.A Mariachi hat is a type of hat that is large it is built like that to protect the Mariachi’s head neck and shoulders from the strong sun in Mexico.                 Why I chose thisI chose this because of my grandfather's love for Mariachi Music.He’s loved music ever since he was little.

            Facts About Mexico
The colors of mexico are green white and red the green means hope the white is union and the red is the blood of the soldiers.

Place(s): Mexico City,Mexico
Year: 1997

– MG

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant