Maria Romero

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Parents 25th anniversary, mom in middle
Parents 25th anniversary, mom in middle

 Everyone must wonder at one point, what goes through the mind of a parent that comes to a new country. My Mom came to America when she was 18, she thought it would be best to find a better career, and she just thought it was time to be more independent. During her childhood, Mexico was really beautiful, clean area and perfect condition to live in and it was like that until she moved. She decided America would be the choice because she has seen pictures of how beautiful it was. Over the years of her being here, she thought to herself and was able to think how America changed her mentally and physically. One struggle that she encountered was learning a new language. She was able to learn and understand parts of the language. Something she regretted leaving behind was her family. Something she wished happened was that they opened up the border and let people come in and leave. Something she never will regret from moving to America is finding my dad and being able to marry him. They have been together for around 26 years and here's a picture of their 25th anniversary.   

Place(s): Mexico and the United States of America

– FR

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant