Old Family Photo in Market


This picture is of a market my family used to own called The Clermont Market, that was opened by my great grandfather Joseph Clermont in the 1920’s. Everyone in my family used to work there and it was a very successful market. We were even competitors with Market Basket. It was a place where people in the community would come to get what they needed to provide for their families. I find it awesome to think about how my family helped others get food on the table. The market was how my family got to know so many of the people in our neighborhood. I love to imagine what is was like with all of my great grandparents and their families working at the same place. I’m sure it was chaotic at times. But, they had to work as a team to make their business successful. I’m sure that is what led to them being so close, and is why my family is still so close today. Sadly, the store got destroyed by a huge storm, and no one had the energy to keep the market going after my great grandfather died. He was the heart and soul of the business. But the memories will live on, and our togetherness of a family will stay strong.œ

Place(s): Lowell

– K

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more