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Mable the object of fun moments.
Mable the object of fun moments.

                                               The story  about a family marble

Chibola is an object that is very recognizable in El Salvador and Central America they call marbles. This is a round object made of glass but some people personalize by adding colors and design how they want, but it is more money that they have to pay. With this object people in my country play by making a circle and in size each person who plays has to put a marble in the circle After that all people move two meters from the circle and each person has a turn and if you get one of the marbles from the circle i your and you wins you have to hit the marbles in the circle and if when you hit and move to out size you win that marble. depends how good you are  playing. For my culture this object is important because it is a symbol of friendship because people make groups of people to play and have fun with it. One of the most valuable and important marbles  is one of white color that my uncle gave to me and he told me that his father gave it to Hei to give me this object after he taught me and explained to me the game and he told me how important this object was  for the family. So, I project this object from the day that he gave to me,so from that I learned about this game. I love to play this game but since I came to USA I never play again so I miss playing this game with my friends and family from my country.

Place(s): El Savador
Year: 2015

– AG

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more