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“The girl in red skin”
“The girl in red skin”

My name is minaya and I am a mood artist. I draw a picture based on how I feel, and this picture has a have strong meaning behind it. It about insecurity and how it could make someone feel. To be more specific how I felt.
    Since I was young I was insecure about a lot of thing. When I learned to draw it was like another way of expressing myself. As I got a little older I started and things to my drawings making the less and less like humans. It was kinda therapeutic for me, to make people or monsters or what ever I wanted based off of emotion or how I see or feel about myself. As I keep drawing my skills go better and I notice the every drawing that really stood out to me was when I was really sad or mad. And that’s how I made it this one. 
   Drawing helped me with a lot of other talents, like writing. And that’s how I made a little bit of my life with a lot of fantasy into a drawing named the “the girl in red skin.” It’s named something obvious because people only see what’s on the out side. And not a lot care about the inside, that’s why she has her scars and cuts. This drawing to me was a like a making a story. And that’s why “the girl in red skin” is one of my most meaningful art pieces.

Place(s): Ny

– Mray

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