Many Foods and a Game

Array of diff. food prepared for Shabbat
Array of diff. food prepared for Shabbat

My father's family is from Egypt. Both his parents and three out of four siblings were born and grew up there. Having come here in 1956 due to religious strife in their homeland, many traditions are still very much alive. As depicted in my photos, numerous foods, flavors, designs, and even games have been passed down and God willing will continue to be passed down. With a history as rich as my family's, with struggles as difficult, with a connection as unbreakable, I believe such traditions will be passed down for many generations to come. In the images I depicted physical items. Oftentimes I hear about what an honest, kind, thoughtful, selfless person my grandfather was. And although I cannot "Drag and Drop" those into the above spaces, I would like inherit those traits as well, and instill them to my kids, my grandkids, my great-grandkids, etc. I wish I could have met my grandfather, but through celebrating the same cuisine he ate, his favorite pastimes, and his noble and modest character, I am celebrating him as well.

Place(s): Egypt
Year: 1956

– Michelle Harari

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant