Fried Chicken


How I became a American? My grandparents were born in Arkansa, and that is also were they met. My grandpa joined the army and they had to move from place to place. But before they had to move my grandma had 2 kids, and while they were traveling they had 2 more kids. The 2 other kids was one of my aunties and my mom, my aunt was born in Germany and my mom was born in Texas. After all that moving my grandparents settled in Minnesota, with all 4 kids. A couple years later, my mom had my other brother while she was 15, 2 years later she had me at the age of 17.
 My 2 younger brothers are 8 and 6 now. 

How does your object represent my identity? Fried chicken represents my identity because my family and I eat fried chicken once every week. I liked fried chicken because people can cook it differently. My mom likes to over cooks her chicken so, it is more crispy. My grandma likes to put a lot of seasonings on the chicken before cooking it. My grandma learned how cook/season food from her grandma. My grandma and my mom are teaching me how to cook and season chicken. They also taught me to know the boiling oil is ready, you should put flower in the oil. If the flower makes the oil boil then the oil is ready. 

Place(s): Arkansas, Germany, Texas, Minnesota

– Carniya Houston

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant