Relationship: Im/migrant
The Mangu
The Mangu

The Mangu is simply one of the most important traditional type of foods in the Dominican Republic. When I came to the United States in 2014 it was one of the many dishes I miss about my country, but also reminds me of my grandma who took care of me for four years while my mom was in the United States. During those four years she showed me how to make Mangu which is made out of smashed platains, fried salami, and fried white cheese but you can also eat it with fried eggs, and add cooked onions to it. Every time I make Mangu I always think on my grandma and think on the first time I made Mangu which it end up a little messed up but is something I will always remember of my childhood. 

Place(s): Dominican Republic
Year: 2014

– L.M.R

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant