maltese cross

While Italian and German bombers brought havoc to the Maltese islands, the problem of supplies was soon felt. In 1941 during World War II, Malta, a small island off the coast of Sicily, was under attack. During this time my grandfather lived here along with his parents and five other brothers. Himself along with the other Maltese citizens stood strong oppressing these attacks, which eventually led to Malta staying independent from foreign control. At this point Malta received the George cross, an award that only civilians typically receive but where they show acts of great heroism in circumstances of extreme danger. Surprisingly the entire country was given this award by King George VI. My grandfather told me the story of the Maltese Cross when I was about ten years old. At the age of nineteen, my grandfather left his home in search of a better life in the United States. Bringing nothing but what he had in his bags and pockets, he was expected to start a brand new life. He told me about how he served in the royal navy of Malta as well as after coming to America being drafted into the marines. Sadly as of only two weeks ago, he now remains the only living brother out of the original six. Today he gives me advice, never give up, always pursue what you want and seek out what makes you happy; these are the things he has lived by and what i idolize about him. He remains a compassionate and respectable man who continues to reflect the Maltese Cross’ symbol of bravery and honor.

Year: 1945

– Stephen LaGreca

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