The pickle ornament that gets hidden
The pickle ornament that gets hidden

As I was growing up, every year for Christmas we went to my grandparents' house. There were a lot of us kids, so we always ended up running around and playing. My grandmother taught us a tradition where she would hide a little pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and whoever found it won $50. Since there was a decent amount of us looking for the pickle ornament in a small tree, it always got more than a little hectic. Even adults were looking in the tree, which made it even crazier. I have only found the pickle a few times, which was totally not cool. It was always someone older than me who found it, such as one of my uncles or even my siblings.  But I am proud to say that I HAVE had the good fortune of finding the pickle ornament and winning the $50 and that always makes my Christmas more special and exciting.  For me, the tradition of the pickle Christmas ornament represents a family memory that is part of my heritage. 

– Joey Krist

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