Making dumplings

Relationship: Im/migrant
Chinese tradition, handmade
Chinese tradition, handmade

Where l am from
By: Helen

l am from drink Nu Biome                           
From Nu Skin                           
And probiotics 
I am from the two story brick
I am from very poor                  
From many siblings                 
And from the often hungry 
I am from the lavender                
The very fragrant                               
I’m from friendly and humorous 
from husband (Jemas) and two sons (Jimmy and Bowen)               
I’m from the be very quiet                      
And be clean        
From "be gentle" and "speak in a low voice"
I’m from grandfather father              
I’m from grandfather 
l'm from the family makes dumpling 
l am from be cozy

Place(s): Chinese traditions
Year: 2018

– H

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant