Mom's food

Dinner my mom made.
Dinner my mom made.

My name is Joselina and most of my family is from Puerto Rico. My Grandma goes to Puerto Rico a lot, She actually has a house there and most of my other grandparents/family live there. I have never been to Puerto Rico, My mom has been there when she was younger. She always tells me how she would love to take me one day. I would love to go one day as well. I’ve never really interacted with my culture when I was younger, I barely even knew what kind of food my family ate.         

When I moved into my grandma’s house for a while I began to experience more about the food. Some of my family there would tell me more about the kind of food we ate. Then when we moved out into our own place, My mom began to do most of the cooking.  I always help my mom with stuff, So when she asks me to help get her something in the kitchen, I always help. She takes the opportunity to show me how to cook. She has me clean the rice, Pour the rice into the pot and teach me other techniques she grew up with. She tells me I can make and season the meat and rice how I want but I prefer to do it just like my mom because I love the way she makes her food. It always comes out great. Passing down the way we cooked would be part of our culture. My mom never taught me how to cook though. I looked it up online and I naturally got used to making some things. I still only know how to cook basic things and I need to get better at cooking actual meals. The main thing I wanna learn is how to cook dinner like our yellow rice, chicken cutlets, and steak.

Place(s): New York

– JM

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more