Relationship: Im/migrant

  Mangu is a culinary dish part of the dominican culture it is made of mashed plantains and salami it is very good. It all started in 1916, where an american soldier tasted the local dish and thought “man that’s good” and they heard “mangu” and the locals thought that in English that’s how you would pronounce the local dish. My mom and dad are both Dominican and they grew up eating Mangu, My mom showed me how to cook the delicious savory dish this food is my family's favorite. Our tradition is we always show the youngest how to cook Mangu first then rice. Mangu is part of many Dominican families morning they come with different variations of it. The delicious variations are fried cheese others add onions, tostones, etc. While Mangu is common in Dominican Republic you can also find it here in the United States because a lot of people from the island migrated to the United States and opened bodegas and restaurants some serve famous food known throughout the island along with Rice and beans , Mangu and habichuelas con  dulce( sweet beans) etc but more commonly found in bodegas are Mangu. Some people cook mangu with sweet plantain or green plantain they come out with very different flavors this food represents my Dominican heritage culture and is a very exquisite meal to have every morning or any day or week.

Place(s): Dominican Republic and New York
Year: 2001

– Brittney D

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant