Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 This is the place me and my family come from. We are fortunate to be from here because it taught us a lot of things, most importantly, it taught us our values and beliefs. All of my family and friends lived there, they still do, but I don’t. I moved to America in July of 2017. I appreciate this place and these magnets a lot because it shows the country that i care about alot. these magnets symbolize Georgia. Georgia unites everything about me, whereas if I spoke about everything separately it would take me ages to finish, and this picture of a these magnets unites everything. It represents me, my friends, my family, my culture,my thoughts,my mentality, my values and my beliefs. When people ask me who I am and how I would describe myself, I say I am Georgian, I say it proudly and I say it happily, I say it with pride. This picture represents everything important in my life, every little aspect of my happiness and my identity are sewed into this little happy town called Tbilisi, in the little country of Georgia, that lies in the caucasian mountains,that is filled with history, grief and happiness. This is what represents me, this is my life and my happiness. 

Place(s): Georgia
Year: 1999

– Nino Rizhamadze

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant