The Mysterious Vase

Relationship: Im/migrant

There is a mysterious vase that is being passed down through generations on my mother’s side of my family. When we were visiting Italy, we were in a museum and I saw a very beautiful vase and commented how nice it would be to have that beautiful relic in my future home. My mom turned to me and under her breath told me about this mysterious vase slowly moving through our family. All I know about the vase is that it will only be given to me on my wedding day as a present. Apparently, it has a lot of sentimental and monetary value and may have even belonged to a royal Russian family. I have no idea where this vase is stashed and won’t know until I have a rock on my left ring finger because my mom ended her very short description with “you can’t bring this up again until I hand you the box with the vase in it.” It’s odd that such a secretive and shadowed object can mean so much to my family. I hope that one day in the future I can gain the same understanding and respect for the vase. For now, the vase is more of an unlocked object that I will receive with my marriage, but I look forward to being able to see and hold something so ancient and interesting. 

– Lauren

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant