keychain Magnet
keychain Magnet

The magnet is approximately 3.5” long, it has a key chain threaded through a hole on one end and the red paint is almost all worn off. My grandfather (Papa) got this magnet from my Great Grandfather, James Penkovsky. James owned a scrap metal business and he hired my Papa to work with him after he married my Nana. My mom told me about it after my Papa died.  She has the magnet to remind her of him. I only connect my Papa’s memory to the magnet but my mom and her brother and sister remember Papa holding it and using it everyday at work and in his garage. This magnet is important for 2 reasons, it reminds me of my Papa and makes me think about how much my mom misses her dad.The magnet is a symbol of my great grandfather’s determination to start his own business in America after coming from Lithuania and the hard work he and my Papa put into that business everyday.

Place(s): Lithuania

– Aidan Martin

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant