Growing up I was exposed to both my Honduran and Jamaican side of my family so I was eating a mixture of different types of foods with different types of flavors. Ever since I was little my grandmother on my Jamaican side of the family would usually take me to church with her on Sundays and she would always make me some fried dumplings and saltfish with a cup of tea and that would be our breakfast. Unlike a normal breakfast where you would have cereal, pancakes, and bacon, we would eat something more heavy, almost like lunch/dinner for breakfast. That's what her and my family were accustomed to eating back when they were in Jamaica. 
On my Honduran side of my family we would make this dish called Machuca. It's like soup.Back home they would make this all the time along with other meals. My mother grew up eating Machuca. Once you eat this it will fill you up for the whole day and that's what I loved about eating it, how good it tastes and how it will fill you up and will keep you full for a while. We would always do a family gathering and make some Machuca. It was like a special meal and it was a great way to spend time with the family. 
Being Jamaican and Honduran is very important to me because they both make up my identity. I am proud to be Honduran and Jamaican I think that it's a really nice mix and I also think that both cultures are amazing, the way we do things, the foods that we eat, the way that we talk, and the way that we dress. Being a part of both cultures mean the world to me and I’m happy I’m apart of them.

Place(s): Jamaica and Honduras

– Savanna Martinez Walcott

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