Mac & Cheese


My grandmas mac and cheese because when she or my mom makes it on special occasions like holidays get togethers and birthdays and everybody in my family loves her Mac & Cheese even me and I don’t like Mac & Cheese all that much but her Mac & Cheese is fire how she makes the Mac & Cheese she boils the noodles then she puts in on one of those aluminum trays puts i think cans of mushroom soup and then she pour some milk in the tray and then puts 

some cheese on the noodles and put the tray in the oven and let for like 20-25 minutes you should be straight and now I’m going to tell you how it taste and the texture usually when you get box Mac & Cheese it just taste noodles and cheese and nothing else that’s not the case for my grandmas Mac & Cheese it’s thick a bit creamy but not to much and the taste is like no other the mushroom soup gives it taste that i cant exsplain and if you don’t like mushrooms don’t worry you wont taste the mushrooms any way and that’s it and that’s why my grandmas Mac & Cheese THE END. 

– Jabarre Davis

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