Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese
mac and cheese

This is a mac n cheese recipe. It's delicious and preppy and easy to make if you know how to cook. It's made of Milk cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, some spanish cheese i forgot the name of and other cheeses and also obviously macaroni! Shells and also mustard yuck.  
To make it first get a pot any pot put the macaroni add some water turn on the stove make sure that the stove is on low. Wait for the water to boil. Put in the macaroni in the pot. Once cooked, drain it the water. Mix it with the cheese. Add mustard.
Also a little bit about my background is my dads side is the Philippines, Puerto Rico and some others I don't know. My moms side is Jamaica  and some more I don't know of.
The reason why I chose this because I love food and I love this recipe anyways. My final thoughts honestly I kinda love this recipe <3 

– JE

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