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Here in America, there are a plethora of board games to play with the family. Every country has their own version of these board games. From Pakistan, my parents brought over the game Ludo. Last time I was there, in 2015, my parents decided to bring back one board for us and one for each member of our extended family. It was a gift that was met with excitement, as it reminded the families of their home country. It was a colorful board, with patterns that reflected the place it was made in. It had floral designs in each of its boxes and on the back side, it had a printed snakes and ladders game. That was generally always the case- the Ludo game always had a complementary snakes and ladders game. Throughout my entire life, I have never played a game more- it was an everyday activity. My grandparents could not spend a day without playing a few matches. They were very competitive and through them it became a daily traditional activity in our home. We had that board game for years- it was a big square shape and the board itself was framed. The sturdiness of the frame kept the flimsy board intact for years. Even when chatting online with my family in Pakistan, I always saw that they were playing Ludo. Playing became a way for me to connect with my Pakistani side because checkers and chess were more popular family games in America. We still play to this day- and whenever we go to Pakistan it is our number one option to get through the hours when there is no electricity! 

Place(s): Pakistan

– Fariha Ansari

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant