musical disc

Relationship: Im/migrant
music disc - lp
music disc - lp

I was an economics major in my country. I came here because I was a very successful musician at home in Honduras. I wanted to buy a machine to make musical discs. I ended up finishing my economics career, I helped run the factory that produced the music discs and helped people who were immigrants to cross language barriers. I speak 5 languages. 
I came to make money or gold and made more than the same consulate that gave me my visa.
I felt a human love at that time in 1968. I felt like I was gifted everywhere I went. I am now a healer and an international traveler among other things. I have learned to organize and help others organize. Life teaches me the riches of knowledge.

Place(s): Honduras
Year: 1968

– Jose Angel Posso

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant