Longevity Peach

For western culture, cakes are served during birthdays, but for chinese culture, people would get a lotus seed bun called longevity peach in replacement of a birthday cake. Longevity peach is white with some color dye and a crease similar to the shape of a peach. The longevity peach bun is a representation for the peaches of immortality because according to chinese folk legends, the peaches of immortality that ripens every thousands of years, will grant immortality to humans when eaten, so it is served during birthdays. When my family immigrated to America, they brought their chinese culture’s traditions which is why for my grandparents’ and parents’ birthdays, I have always seen the longevity peach appear instead of a cake. For my birthdays, I would get cake but besides getting a birthday cake, I had always received the longevity peach as well. When I was little, I’d always wondered why so my mom told me the story behind it. After I knew the story, I’ve always wanted to see the longevity peach show up at my family’s birthdays. It’s because I had hope that the longevity peach was similar to the peaches of immortality and that when my family had eaten the longevity peach they would gain immortality or something similar to that and are able to live longer. Even though for the chinese culture, the longevity peach is a representation for the peaches of immortality, for me it is a hope that with it, my family is able to continue staying by my side for as long as they can. ~ K.H.

Year: 1984

– Katie Huang

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