Light Guitar


When walking past this light always brings me back to my childhood and the family stories about the Polish tradition about guitars .In 1946 at the age of twenty my grandpa, Raymond prucha bought a Gibson acoustic guitar. He practiced every day when he came home from school and brought it everywhere he went. In 1945 my grandpa met an adolescent lady .As a result in 1956, Raymond prucha and Pauline michelsky got married and at the wedding he played a song for her, using the  guitar he bought in 1946.  8 years later my dad, Wayne Prucha was born. My dad and my grandpa would sit on the couch and watch the horse races and play the 1940,s Gibson guitar. After 44 years of playing, my grandpa was so upset and was going to discard it, but instead my dad engendered a light and hung it in the house. Soon after my dad bought a new guitar for himself , just like my grandpa. My dad married my mom he continued  family tradition by playing a song on the guitar at his wedding. Shortly later  In 2001, I was born. For my first birthday my dad decided  give me his  Gibson electric guitar and said want him to play just like me and I did just that. Every friday my dad and I would watch tv and I would play and practice my songs. Eventually  after a while the guitar my dad gave me stopped working and I could no longer play and I  asked my dad what should we do with it and he told me.

Place(s): Queens,Dixhills

– west prucha

Relationship:  unknown unknown