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Licey Hat
Licey Hat

 I’m an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and I came to the United States on January 30, 2017. The object I chose to represent my family and my culture is a Licey baseball hat, but it is not just any hat, for us it is passion. Most of the population in the Dominican Republic loves baseball and my family is not the exception. But of the 6 teams in the league, my family feels a deep love for Licey and that's why I say this hat is influential for us and the most people in Santo Domingo. My great grandfather told me, when I was born in the hospital almost 30 people came (including people that are not family members). On that day, Licey was playing versus Aguilas in the last game so they were watching the game and when Licey won all there people were yelling inside and outside the hospital, then 2 hours later I was born. The Licey hat is typically found mostly in Santo Domingo, La Vega, Puerto Plata and in all the cities except in Santiago de los Caballeros (cibao), because in this city they support the Licey’s Big Rival “Aguilas Del Cibao”. When I came to the U.S, in the Bronx, I saw Dominicans all the time with the Licey hat or Licey shirt and that made me feel happy and nostalgic because this team is real important for me. Also, after school, I was going to the store (Dominicans stores in the Bronx) all the time to see the Licey games on the TV with my boys supporting the team, and that made me feel like I was in Santo Domingo watching the game.

Place(s): Santo Domingo, The Bronx
Year: 2017

– Dominic Yunior

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant